B//Vertigo Spring Collection

As the many boxes start to trickle in with our spring clothing orders, I find myself wondering why we get so excited about adding pieces to our already abundant wardrobe of polo’s and breeches!  Then I get to the B//Vertigo order, a new equestrian fashion line we picked up last year.  The collection is a fresh and young approach to Equestrian Fashion that embraces our philosophy of bringing style back to the barn. The boxes are spilling over with vibrant shades of purple, pretty spring plaids, and cozy fleeces. It feels like Christmas come early as I unwrap each shirt which is neatly tucked away in their cute matching boxes, and I start to quickly lust after the adorable Betty three quarter length plaid shirt that will pretty much go with anything in my aforementioned abundant wardrobe!  The answer to my question is simple…we are girls and we love clothes!


We loved these breeches so much we put them in our January advertisement for what’s new and fabulous for 2012. Definitely more on the trendy side, the Tiffanie breech is 60% Cotton, 32% Nylon, 8% Lycra, sporty in style, and fancy in its details. We are particularly fond of the B//Vertigo patch and stylized belt loops.  These breeches are more of a mid-rise which is always popular in Europe as it allows for a more streamlined leg line and contoured waist.  For a more of a traditional look try the Kimberly breech that sports more modest style details. Its technical Coolmax frabic gives a cooling effect when active in the summer and the bright color options add a bit of pop to your spring/summer look.


Carrie Show Shirt

Pin stripe show shirts are very in this year, and the Carrie is definitely a favorite of ours. It’s bold but classy, and fits beautifully to your curves. Striking under a navy coat and white breeches, it also would be well paired with a classic boot cut jean and polo boots! 100% Cotton its breathable and easy to care for.


Gina Soft Shell Jacket

This classic and sporty softshell is water-repellant, windproof, breathable, and fashionable, so literally a jacket of all trades! When the chilly winds roll in from the coast, the high rib collar will provide a nice cozy barrier between you and the elements. While the softshell fabric with mesh lining will keep you cool and dry when the warm California days sprout up this spring. The contoured rib elastic waistband stretches nicely over your breech and will not slide up when you are in the saddle. 86% Polyester, 14% Spandex



Not just another polo shirt, the Brenda is fun, flirty, and is the stand-out piece for this spring collection. We love, love, love the plaid print with bright contrast collar and cuff which brings a certain energy to the overall effect of the look.  It’s stretchy, youthful, and slim-cut and will brighten up any pair of breeches! The Ricky is a more classic polo but with great plaid details and contrast elements. Both are made from 95% Nylon, 5% Elastan.



This is the perfect choice for your riding lesson before you go lunching with girls. Keep it on with your classic tan breeches, or slip into a chic pair of skinny jeans and you will channel your inner barn babe!  It’s made from Pima Cotton, a very special Cotton that comes from Peru and has a long lasting quality.


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