Silver Lining

Every hunt coat should have a Silver Lining…not literally of course, but silver is quite nice on a grey plaid coat…maybe with a burgundy suede collar, or some black piping…but I digress! Ok, linings, yes, the perfect way to spice up your simple navy, black or other version of navy and/or black hunt coat! I know how particular you hunter ladies are, so linings are a great way to put a little personality into your show look without offending the delicate nature of your conservative trainer.  Think of the lining as a personal secret about yourself that you only share with your most intimate friends. Are you a bit flashy? Maybe a hot pink paisley lining. Or maybe you are a little bit rock and roll? A shiny red perhaps. Fun and flirty…a cute pok–a-dot print would be a nice touch.  Whatever you fancy, there is a lining to match! So go ahead and pick a straight forward navy herringbone coat, or a classic black pinstripe coat if you would prefer to be classically quiet in your arena ensemble…just as long as you don’t forget that what’s on the inside speaks volumes!  Here are just a few examples of some my favorite new linings.

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