No Butts About It…

Biggest fashion faux pas I see at the barn, or worse, at the horse show…are ladies with saggy bottoms! And this is not because the ladies actually have saggy bottoms. In fact I have no idea what kinds of bottoms they do have, because they are wearing ridiculously sagging and stained breeches! Seriously gals, there is nothing worse than looking like you have an eighty year old ass when you are under 50! And I don’t want to hear the excuses either…there is no excuse good enough that can justify sporting a black balloon bottom.  The great thing about riding breeches these days is they are made with super stretchy and form flattering fabrics. Plus many of them have great design details, cute pockets, and chic colors, all of which help make your butt look fabulous in and out of the saddle.  And nobody knows hot bottoms better than the Italians, which is why Animo has the hottest line of breeches on the market.  Here are just a few examples of how great you can look from behind!

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