Equestrian Apparel Challenge 1

Last night one of our long time customers came in and purchased two beautiful Animo show coats.  Now you are probably thinking that she must be competing every weekend to need, not one, but two high end show coats. Nope! In fact they will be strictly worn for fashion purposes! Of course not everyone can afford such an extravagance addition to their wardrobe, but it proves my point that riding apparel can serve two purposes. I personally own several pieces of apparel that I wear both in my riding lessons and on my date nights out with the hubby.  I know it’s a hard concept to grasp, but riding clothes can be washed ladies…and you know what, after a dirty day at the barn, washing them will actually make them clean again! So don’t feel so guilty about spoiling yourselves a little the next time you go shopping for new riding apparel.  If you fall in love with a pair of cute breeches, a fitted show shirt, or sleek zip up jacket, know that these are all pieces you can incorporate into your daily fashion routine. To prove this to all the skeptics out there, once a month I am going to give myself an Equestrian Apparel Challenge.  I will select a piece of riding apparel that you would not normally think of wearing to say, work.  I will style it out and post pics, proving that riding apparel is not only functional for everyday use it can be down right glamorous!


This first challenge was presented to me by fantastic rep from Irideon, Laurel. If you are not familiar with Irideon, I like to think of them as the Nike of equestrian apparel. Their  tights, tee’s, polo’s and jackets are very sporty chic, wear well, and are reasonably priced. I have featured some of their Spring 2012 Collection here…


Well, last year at one of the American Equestrian Trade Shows in Philadelphia, Laurel showed us the new line, including their new riding tight, the Issential Mini (shown below).


The idea behind the design is for ladies to experience the comfort of a riding tight without being self-conscious of their tightness. The mini skirt (which is attached to the tights) is in essence to hide the junk in your trunk, while still looking cute and fabulous on your horse.  Now to be perfectly honest at first glance, I thought they were a little funny looking. We decided to order some for kids, because I wasn’t sure what women would think of them.  So when Laurel came to see us on Friday with the Fall Collection she asked me if I would try her sample on and style it out for my blog…hence the birth of my Challenge idea!


I like to call this outfit my “Oh Baby, Baby” look, because every time I look at myself in the mirror Britney Spears pops into my head. I think if she were to have come into my shop circa 1998 this is what she would have picked out! I am currently wearing my Oh Baby, Baby outfit to work, and already have a customer on the hook to order a pair! So it looks like I will be ordering some for LA Saddlery. And if I had a lesson after work, all I would have to do is change into my riding boots, take off my accessories and I would be good to go!

For all those curious to know what else I am wearing with my new favorite pair of fashion/riding tights, my boots are Dansko (I already told you I have three pairs of these), my top is Theory, my belt Betsy Johnson, and then some delicate gold bracelets and earrings. Honestly I think the tights, at $89.95, are probably the least expensive piece of this outfit!

So now I challenge you to put your fashion thinking caps on and send me pics of outfits you have styled with your riding apparel. I would love to share them with other equestrian fashionistas!

We have some great pieces on www.lasaddlery.com right now that would be perfect!

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