Bedazzled Boots

Whenever a customer comes in and makes a beeline for the tall riding boots, 9 times out of 10 it’s someone who does not ride and is strictly looking for an authentic field boot to wear for fashion.  We have even sold a pair of boots to a Ralph Lauren employee who will sometimes send people to us to get her look! Luckily for them field boots today all come standard with zippers and softer leather, almost completely eliminating the “break in” period.  Even better, there are so many ways to customize your boots, making them one of kind to fit your personality and style.  Again the right boots can serve you well at the barn as well as with your skinny jeans.  Just like riding clothes, boots can be cleaned and made presentable for everyday wear, and I guarantee people will stop you on the street to ask you where you got them!

One of my favorite boot companies is Sergio Grasso. They are of course Italian…you will notice I am a bit biased in my love of Italian goods, being full blooded myself!  But it’s hard to argue with their artistry, attention to detail, and ridiculously beautiful leather, not to mention the passion and innovation that lives behind every design.  I had the pleasure of meeting Monica, the daughter to the Grasso empire, and she is just as lovely as the boots her family produces.  I was excited to see all the ways someone can customize their boots..

Choices in color leather:

Options for piping:

Crystals, patent and punch designs: 

And even some exotic details too!

If you are feeling patriotic you can even have a bedazzled flag on the top of your boot!

I am not a super flashy girl myself, but it doesn’t mean I can’t shine…so I prefer just enough sparkle to distinguish myself from everyone else. I also have a growing passion for all things brown, and I truly believe you will see more and more brown boots in both the jumping and dressage arena. 

This particular style top is my favorite, and I am already dreaming about ordering a pair to add to my growing collection of boots! 

If you are in the market for a new pair of boots, I highly suggest you do some research before ordering custom ones. There are a lot of companies to choose from and you want to make sure they are being made in their country of origin, that the person measuring you is well trained, and the quality of the leather is top notch.  Custom boots do not come cheap, and don’t be fooled by a “deal.” A quality custom boot will start at $1100, will take at least 8-10 weeks to produce, and will allow you the freedom to design it from top to bottom.  As my business partner has said in the past, “a cow sacrificed his life for that boot!” So in honor of all the cows who have given us the leather products which enable us to ride…if you do decide to go custom, then I suggest going all out. Even if all out for you is a simple piped or patent trim, some punch details, or a color other than black, that cow deserves to go out in style! 

And as always don’t forget to check out for some great clothes to go with your new custom boots! 

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