The Price of Fashion

If you thought that horseback riding was an economically friendly sport, then I am here to assure you that you were in a deep state of denial when you came to that conclusion! Sort of on the same lines as the woman who sued Nutella because she thought that delicious chocolate hazelnut spread on white bread was a healthy snack for her children. If only!

The problem is that usually when we try to save money on our riding apparel we end up looking saggy, baggy, and boxy. The fabrics don’t hold up all that well, the boots are big in all the wrong places, and the helmets look and feel like big plastic mushrooms on our noggins! And while we love Animo show coats, Pikeur breeches, Tucci boots, GPA Helmets and Ralph Lauren Polo’s, many of us are still on a budget. The good news however is there are a lot of options in Equestrian apparel that are more affordable and still extremely fashion friendly.

Now when it comes to shopping I am the person who goes to a big sale and then only buys clothes from the one small section in the front of the store that of course are all at full price! I am not a bargain shopper, I do not think I am getting a deal because something is in a bin, I hate shopping at big outlet stores, and I never shop online because I need to touch and feel everything before I buy it. This is why I almost exclusively shop at small boutique stores, where the clothes are unique and the sales girls can simply look at my body and know exactly what will compliment it. I am also an avid supporter of small businesses and am always saddened when my favorite shops go out of business. It’s an epidemic in this country, and I fear that one day big superstores and online warehouse sites will be our only shopping option!

However, as the owner of an Equestrian Apparel and Tack store I know that not everyone shops like I do, and it is extremely important to carry a wide range of options for the riders who both want to save and to splurge. I also know how imperative it is to make each customer, no matter how big or small their budget, feel like they are being catered to and properly outfitted for every occasion. So I wanted to put together some more affordable options for all of my fellow equestrian fashion enthusiasts who want to look fabulous without breaking the bank!

Best Save on Breeches: Equine Couture. They are cut well with a good quality cotton micro blend fabric, and have fantastic detailing, making them fun and affordable. They come in a variety of colors, including hunter tan and jumper white, and are a great choice if you want a schooling breech with a little flair.

Best Save on Modern Wrap Show Shirt: Romfh Ratcatcher. This entire line is pretty fabulous for the price point. I love this show shirt because it has the great wrap snap collar, and the Drilex stretchy side panels which gives you a nice contoured shape and keeps you cool.

Best Save on Techie looking show helmet: Tipperary T2. This is a perfect alternative to the GPA SpeedAir if you like that sporty look and ventilation but you can’t justify spending over $500 on a helmet. Now I am definitely not one to skimp on money when it comes to protecting your head, but I own a Tipperary helmet myself. It meets all of the same safety requirements as the high end helmets, and also has the “unique drop back shell which cradles the skull, increasing protection area and supporting helmet retention and stability”. We had a customer a few years ago that bought a Tipperary for her first lesson, and unfortunately had a bad fall. The doctor told her the helmet saved her life! Just make sure when buying any helmet you go to a tack store that is well versed in how to properly fit your head.

Best Deal on Soft Shell Hunt Coat: Gersemi Idun. Ok so this coat is not exactly inexpensive at $450…but when compared to the Animo Coats which are double the price, they are a great deal! Plus they fit much better than some of the lower end soft shell stretchy coats and are significantly more chic.

Best tech Jump Polo: Horze Competition Shirt. This shirt has been a best seller since we picked up the line over a year ago. It is only $39.95 and looks just as good on as a Kingsland shirt which will run you well over $100.

Best Polo Shirts: Goode Rider. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this line. They make great, well, everything! Their price points are extremely reasonable for the high quality fabrics, fashion forward design details, and flattering cut of all of their riding apparel. The owners are women of course, and cater to what every equestrian girl wants to look like in and out of the saddle!

Find more great deals on Equestrian Fashion at

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  1. Diane St.Clair
    May 15, 2012 @ 15:45:16

    Couldn’t agree more with you about the Horze Competition Shirt! We bought one from your lovely husband last season and bought two more while at Thermal this year. It’s been great wearing, washing and at an awesome price!


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