Gotta Have A Sparkly!

One of the first movies my husband and I bonded over was the “Secret of Nimh.” If you have ever seen it, then you will no doubt remember Dom Deluise as the voice of the loveable and nutty crow Jeremy who gets stars in his eyes every time he see something sparkly.  Most women can relate to Jeremy’s condition, as many of us have wandered into Tiffany’s and swooned over the cases full of sparkly’s! I am not usually one for too much bling in my wardrobe, but I have always loved dressing up my friends, my Barbies, and yes even my horses.  

I figured it wasn’t fair to just blog about the rider’s wardrobe since the horse really does half the work, so for this piece I wanted to showcase a fantastic line of bling browbands by Nikki Reynolds.  Nikki is from Australia, and she explained to me that unlike here in the States where we are conservatively stuffy with our navy and tan palette, the riders down under sport vibrant colors from their hunt coats to their bridles.  It is, after all a “show”, and all good shows need a few jazz hands!


Like many of us eqgirls, Nikki started her riding career at a young age and competed in English disciplines across the board. She was never short on good ponies and her parents provided her with all of the necessary equipment.  Nikki, however, also wanted the fancy browbands that had become the hottest fad at the horse shows.  Luckily for us, her parents felt that if Nikki wanted to bling out her horse she was going to need to be resourceful and do it on her own. Determined to sparkle at her next show, Nikki stepped up to the challenge, got herself a job, and bought the materials to make her first sparkly browband!


Today she calls her growing business “a labor of love” and says “there is nothing better than seeing the delighted face of a client when they see their browband for the first time. I love receiving photos from my clients of their favorite friend wearing their new bling.”


She has also expanded her bling line to include dog collars, halters, hair bows, lapel and stock pins, crops/whips/canes & dressage whips, western earpieces and parade bridles/reins and does many custom orders as well.

The handsome Friesian pictured here is “Noah.” He is graciously modeling his custom browband that he wears when he attends parades and exhibitions with his human.


LA Saddlery has been lucky enough to have some of Nikki’s pieces in our store. They are literally the most picked up, touched, and talked about items we have on display.  Women are just naturally drawn to their sparkle,  as we are magically brought back to our childhood dreams of becoming a princess and crowned with beautiful jewels. What…just me?

While we may not all be princesses many of us can still pretend by dressing up our mighty steeds for our next horse show or perhaps just a leisurely jaunt along the trails!    

We have invited Nikki to LA Saddlery’s  Annual Memorial Day Weekend Sale where she will be showcasing some of her fabulous desgins…so make sure you come by and check out all of the sparkly’s!

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