A Tale of Two Joules

Eight years ago I abandoned my career as a budding College Counselor and dropped out of my Masters Program in Clinical Psychology because I literally had worn myself out both physically and mentally.  After three months of feeling sorry for myself, I decided to take a drive to the Los AngelesEquestrian Center, my home away from home growing up. That day changed my life, as I traded in my potential PhD for a job as an Equestrian retail associate. Needless to say my mother probably wasn’t too thrilled! But I knew I had to be around the one thing that always brought me sanity…horses. My first day on the job was during the Memorial Day Classic, and I managed to bring home a Golden Retriever puppy, who we call Betty…the second thing that makes me sane!


Luckily for my mom’s sake, I was much better at selling riding apparel then I would have been at treating patients, and within 5 years I became the owner of that same store with my best friend. And during one of the next Memorial Day Classic Weekends, I of course fell in love with puppy numero dos…a scrappy black lab who sneakily managed to weasel her way into mine and eventually Betty’s heart.


When it came to naming this one I wanted to pay homage to one of my favorite riding apparel companies.  One that I felt embodied my style, my personality, and my love of living an Equestrian Lifestyle.

And just like my exceptionally beautiful and regal little  puppy, this UK clothing line embraces youthful femininity and playfulness.  So after much deliberation we named the new addition to our family Joules.  


Joules the dog….  

seems to have many things in common with Joules the clothing line….


First, they are both continually surprising me with what they can do… 

Second, they love to play with all things colorful.


They also both make great pillows.


And finally and probably most importantly they are both particularly fond of flowers and other animals.

Plus Joules has extrenely great taste…both of them that is!  Here is Joules modeling her pink pok-a-dot Joules raincoat!

It’s so comfy she even sleeps in it!

So in my humble and totally unbiased opinion…I believe that Joules makes the best polo on the market…

And Joules is the best black lab in the world!

For great deals on Joules, come by LA Saddlery during our Big Annual Memorial Day Classics Sale! We have racks of Fall Joules Samples on sale for 30% Off! All of our Spring Joules will be 20% off…and who knows maybe you will find a Betty or a Joules to bring home with you!

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Cheryl Child
    May 19, 2012 @ 23:32:49

    Love this post for so many reasons: love that your puppies are in it and I can totally identify with the drastic career change!


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