Clothes that Make the Claws Come Out!

Ok…so who would have thought riding apparel could cause some women to get super catty in their opinions! The Hunter Apparel Challenge was designed to get you all thinking about being more open minded about your hunter wardrobe, but as we are starting to hear, it is clear that many of you are quite stubborn! (I have thrown some Animo pictures in for effect…they are the one company that I believe has really turned the Equestrian industry upside down, and have people all over the world talking about them…they are a love or hate kind of company, and they are Italian so they don’t apologize for their craft! Which is why I am a big fan…never apologize for who you are!)

But you all seem to agree that if you and your horse are performing beautifully, none of you think you should be judged on your outfit. Which begs the question…are you hoping your plain Navy hunt coat and white shirt is somehow going to hide your riding flaws? And just maybe a little flair in the show arena will actually catch the judges attention so they notice how wonderfully you are doing.

See I am more of a stand-out-in-the-crowd kinda gal, so I guess I just don’t understand why everyone would want to look like little navy and tan carbon copies of one another. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for speaking your mind, and I am finding some of your comments pretty funny, but what I do discourage is judging others based on appearance, or letting other people’s opinion sway you from being your true self.

Do you remember when the GPA helmet first came out? Everyone was appalled by its modern techie look. I am pretty sure the word “hideous” was thrown out a few times. And now we can’t even keep them in stock! The same happened with the first stretchy show coat. And we are selling more and more of those, even our Dressage riders are choosing stretch fabric coats over the traditional wool ones.

The main reason I love fashion is because clothes give us the freedom to express ourselves, to feel good about our bodies, even to exude a bit of our sexuality. And yes I believe this is all important when dressing for the barn too. I am the same way with my Pilates clothes. I love Lululemon because not only does it feel awesome on, their clothes look fantastic, which makes me even more motivated to work out. I think the same holds true if you play tennis, golf, ski, or surf. Each of these sports also has a lifestyle fashion aspect and the clothing crosses over into everyday life. I wonder if golfers whisper behind each others’ backs about what they consider inappropriate for the club? I am going to go out on a limb and say that surfers don’t do that…but who knows…maybe life at the beach is more catty than it looks!

The thing that I find most disturbing is that while many of our customers really love some of the new shirts, coats, boots, and helmets that we have brought into the store, most of their trainers end up bullying them out of buying anything they don’t personally like. Yes I said bullying! Its an epidemic in our school system, and unfortunately its a growing problem in the equestrian world as well.

My advice to you would be to stay true to what you like and what fits in with your equestrian fashion style. So if you want to wear breeches with tall socks and stiletto heals, than I say go for it! This sport is supposed to be fun, and dressing up is a big part of that fun. Your trainer may pout for a bit if you buy that coat she hated, but in the end its not like she’s going to kick you out of her barn!

And speaking of fun don’t forget to stop by LA Saddlery this weekend for great savings!!! Maybe we can find you the perfect outfit that you and your trainer can agree on!

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  1. Laurel
    May 25, 2012 @ 00:28:28

    I remember when Essex Classics first came out with the Wrap shirt. All the retailers were afraid to try it! It was stores like yours that took that chance at trying something different that help start a whole new trend in riding shirts. Thank you!


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