Get in touch with the Blue you!

Sorry, it has been a few days since my last blog. First I had to regroup and regain composure after the whole plaid shirt fiasco! Second and most importantly I had to get all packed up for my month long trip to Laguna Beach where I have rented a little cottage and will be working our mobile boutique at the Oaks in San Juan Capistrano. I am also going to take this opportunity to write about the equestrian fashion down here in beautiful Orange County, as well as post pics and review some of the fantastic small boutiques around my adopted neighborhood. Laguna Beach is a diverse place for shopping enthusiasts like myself, and I have already scouted some great stores, and made a few purchases of course!

Today though, I want to talk about a little shade I call Blue…not navy…let’s take a vacation from navy shall we, and visit a special and colorful place that’s actually fun! I was inspired to write this blog by my lucky blog winner, Christine from New Jersey. That’s right “eqgirl” is bi-coastal! She emailed me a fantastic picture of herself in my favorite Bluette Animo Coat and matching blue bonnet which looks fabulous on her flashy horse. She has been kind enough to let me post it here!


She is also wearing a lovely Samshield helmet…I am thrilled that my blog followers have such fantastic taste when it comes to their Equestrian apparel choices!

But how awesome is that blue! Here is another style of Animo coat in that same color, modeled here by my beautiful Pilatesinstructor and friend Julie. I have it paired with a Cheval Fashions tuxedo show shirt with hot pink details and a matching bluette Animo Suede belt. The color combo is pretty spectacular if I don’t say so myself.


Last year at the trade show LA Saddlery and Marigold Riding Apparel worked out an exclusive selection of fabrics for us to use to design one-of-a-kind hunt coats that we could offer as options to our customers. We immediately fell in love with this vibrant blue and knew we had to make a coat with it. We chose to pair it with a simple satin beige collar, and within a week of it arriving in our store, we special ordered one for a customer. A week later Candace Bushnell, one of my idols, was visiting from the east coast and purchased this coat to wear at her next Dressage show. That’s right! This coat is being worn by the critically acclaimed, international best selling author of “Sex and the City”, in the DRESSAGE ARENA!!! Again the lovely Julie is modeling it with a light blue striped Le Fash shirt. The same designers who’s beautiful plaid shirt caused me to have a nervous break down last week! See my other blog “Eye Catching Ratcathers” and you will see how phenomenal these shirts look on.


So next time you want to put a bit of splash into your equestrian wardrobe, get in touch with your blue self and you will stand out as a bright spot in a sea of navy!

Stay tuned for some great blogs on my time spent at the Oaks working side by side with all of the crazy gypsy Vendors. Don’t get me wrong, I am crazy too…but you have to be a special kind of crazy to want to spend your life on the road working out of a trailer. Hopefully this time I won’t get yelled out of someone’s mobile shop while I was attempting to buy a present for a friend! Yeah I will probably have some good stories, plus I will get to see all of my wonderful OC customers!

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  1. Carrie Mc W
    Jun 03, 2012 @ 02:27:59

    There’s enough different shades of blue out there to satisfy anyones taste! Love the anti-navy movement đŸ™‚


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