Back to the Beach!


Well it’s day one for me at the Oaks Showpark in beautiful San Juan Capistrano! All of the people down here are so happy to see LA Saddlery with all of our Animo and Tucci…the Brazilian butt mannequins are always a hit of course!

I am loving my little cottage by the sea and all of the amazing shopping. All of the stores are small boutiques with completely unique one-of-kind apparel options. Nothing here is massed produced…except for the leggy blondes and cute surfer boys! It is so refreshing to walk down a street and not see a Gap!

I particularly love all of the home decor stores with their quaint cottage furniture and beachy accessories. Everything down here has a positive life affirming motto…people are just happier that live by the ocean.


One of my favorite stores down here is Tuvalu where I found some fantastic equestrian inspired home decor items.

I am particularly fond of this horse…not only would it look great in my living room, I won’t have to worry about all those pesky vet bills!


They also had fantastic coffee table books…


And beautiful picture frames..,



Here is another great shot of the horse…I may have to buy it!!!


If you are in the area come by and see me at the LA Saddlery mobile boutique!

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