Hats on!

When I was a little girl, after having just been bitten by the horse bug, my family took a day trip to Santa Anita to watch the races.  I was so excited to see the famed thoroughbreds racing to the finish line! However it didn’t take long before I had to hold back the large lump in my throat from exploding into full blown tears as I watched the jockeys vehemently whip and whip and whip the horses around the track. I was absolutely mortified and to this day have not visited a race track.  I still am squeamish about using a crop on a horse…although now having read “Fifty Shades of Grey” I have a whole new respect for them!

Luckily after I grew up, learned the ways of the horse world, and of course watched Seabisquit my loathing of horse racing dwindled. Don’t get me wrong, I still get riled up when I hear stories of horses being raced too young and too hard, and the inherent abuse that comes with a competitive money driven sport.  But now I can embrace the tradition of a day at the races, the thrilling speed and beauty of the horses, and particularly the elegant ladies and their fabulous hats!


I happened to pass a little boutique, Duet, on one of my many shopping walks around Laguna Beach, and saw these awesome hats in the window.


I of course had to go in and peruse this quaint gem of a shop, and was pleasantly surprised by the all of the wearable art!

I learned from the owner, that most of the items were crafted by him and his wife, local artisans, and many of the items, like this lovely sweater I purchased, came from small boutique lines in France. 


The store had a very Parisian bohemian feel to it, with some Santa Fe Saloon girl mixed in. 

The leather jackets were sumptuous and fit perfectly to my shape.  And the dresses were fun and flirty with a bit of a Moulin Rouge flare to them.


I particularly fell in love with the hand crafted chairs, upholstered with what I believe is vintage fabrics from abroad.


And the scarves….oh, my! Haha! That silly book has gotten under my skin!  It’s probably time I confessed that I have an extremely unhealthy addiction to scarves. These particular ones were exquisite and tapped into the heart of my obsession. The owner dies all of the fabrics himself, each scarf a completely one-of-a-kind piece.  I of course bought one…


And the hats…I wanted to buy every one of those too!

Perfect for tomorrow’s Belmont Stakes!

 I am not really a normal hat kinda girl, but for whatever reason, the over the top ones suit me…


Well I hope that everyone enjoys watching the big race! Oh and one more thing…here is a picture of a very lovely HUNTER rider, wearing a very lovely PLAID Le Fash shirt she purchased from me yesterday, that she wore in the HUNTER arena…

Yeah! I finally feel like I have some closure…phew!

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  1. Lisa Herron
    Jun 10, 2012 @ 03:56:18

    Oh my! I need to know where this shop is! I might have to come visit you just so I can go shopping!!!!! LOVE the sweater!


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