A Little Bit of aMUSEment

TGIT! Thank goodness it’s Tuesday! I love Tuesdays, as they are the one day I’m not bookkeeping or working our mobile unit down here at the Oaks in beautiful San Juan Capistrano! Though I did take a few minutes to drop off all of the new goodies I brought back down with me from LA Saddlery. I was surprised to see most of the vendors open…until I remembered they are a little bit on the crazy side! Plus if I didn’t take Tuesdays off to explore Laguna Beach, how would I find all of these amazing shops to write about!

So after a leisurely lunch at one of my new favorite spots, The Lumber Yard, I hit the streets in hopes of finding some stand out equestrian inspired apparel to share with you all!

After a few blocks of bikini and surf shops, I began to worry that I may have exhausted the possibilities down here. Fortunately I spied a little dress shop just in time to pull me out of my gloom and doom reverie. The store was aptly named Muse, and so I popped in with hopes of finding some inspirational pieces that might give birth to a fresh idea in my OCD head!

I was immediately drawn to this darling little cowgirl hat with its soft vintagesque embroidered leather band.


It spurred me into musing, that so far I have focused mainly on English Riding Apparel, while the Western fashion market is quite prolific. Even my blog picture has a hint of an urban cowgirl feel to it.

After admiring the hats, I moved on to admire the lovely leather and canvas handbags.


They were an eclectic mix of Texan and Santa Fe Style. I particularly liked this little colorful satchel…


Feather jewelry was also in abundance at Muse…and it took every inch of my will power not to by these awesome earrings! What can I say, they tapped into early childhood longings of being Pocahontas, galloping bareback across the west!


On a similar note, I instantly fell in love with this bright orange hand embroidered skirt which would look equally great with flip flops or sassy cowboy boots! Incidentally I have both!


Finally the dresses…the reason I was inspired to drop into this pretty boutique. I’m not going to lie…I did try some on…this one in particular caught my eye.


It was very alluring in a demure sexy saloon girl kind of way…a prairie princess if you will!

But my absolute favorite Western inspired piece, was this stunning Sex and the City meets Dances with Wolves print dress. I really love the soft knitted detail on the bodice of this one of a kind casually chic beach dress…


Luckily for my wallet the only thing I left Muse with was a bag full of fresh ideas! But who knows…if the show goes well down here I may be back for one of those dresses! Stay tuned!

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