What’s Hot at the Oaks

The one thing that isn’t hot is me! I’m freezing my little tail off out here! I thought, great a month at the beach, and happily packed my flirty sundresses and flip flips. Yeah, I’m wearing a full length alpaca coat!!!

So while I shiver under my little tent I have been studiously taking notes on what riders are wearing to the show.

The great news is I am seeing a lot of fun color collars and piping details on coats. And lots of four button coats too! Unfortunately most of them are still navy and black, but I have spotted a few brown plaids and one pretty green coat.

The breeches I am seeing most are Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter and Equine Couture. And sadly the dirty saggy bottom breeches are still in abundance!




As for helmets, I see a ton of GPA Speed Airs! So apparently people are much less worried about their helmets looking more modern!

I am also excited to see a good amount of the very cool and techie Guarnieri boots, the fun and sporty red Ariat Volant boots, and a ton of custom boots with flashy patent, crystal, and exotic skin details. So footwear seems to be a safe place to go all out too!



Of course there are lots and lots of white show shirts. But I have seen a good amount of FITS shirts, which is a nice change. The Equi in Style shirts are also a big hit. And as soon as I put out my beautiful Cheval Fashions shirt, I was undressing mannequins!




Of course all of my Animo pieces are getting lots of attention…and I may sell out of the breeches before I leave. Even this outrageous pair is getting touched and swooned over! Frankly it’s making the plain tan ones a bit jealous.


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  1. jill Reingold
    Jun 23, 2012 @ 19:40:28

    Love the article thank you!


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