Blast from the Past!

These past few days have, by far, been my best week spent in Laguna Beach since I arrived more than three weeks ago! The difference…my very best friend coming to stay with me for a few days, to soak up some sun, relax with a little wine, and of course shop, shop, and then shop a little more. My big purchase this week was a gorgeous orange bikini (I was in desperate need of a bathing suit that was more age appropriate… basically one that didn’t have strawberries or pok- a-dots on it!)

I also broke down and bought a pair of those feather earrings I have been thinking about since my blog on Green Cube! My girlfriend of course bought some too. I can always count on her to support my “gotta have that just because I want it” shopping addiction!


But the best part of our time together was simply catching up, reminiscing about our crazy twenties, ex-boyfriends, and how we can move forward and learn from our mistakes.

And there is no better place to do that then Crystal Cove Beach, my favorite destination spot in Orange County. The beach itself has a rich history of its own and has been a popular vacation place for friends and family since the 1920’s.


I especially love the quaint cottages that are nestled in all along the Pacific coastline.


Some of them have been restored and can be enjoyed by families throughout the year, while others are patiently waiting, hanging onto their hinges for dear life. But I love those dilapidated ones because they are evidence of the past fun that was had here, and they are the promise of what fun will be had for future generations to come!


Which of course got me to thinking about how far the Equestrian sport has come, particularly in regards to advances in riding apparel. But looking back on images from ladies riding long before techie show jackets and butt hugging breeches, I’m struck by the beauty and glamour that we associate with horses.


For me this picture of Jackie O’ speaks volumes of the class and style we should strive to emulate when we get dressed for a competition.


I adore her tailored tweed coat and as the hunter rule book still stands that tweed is one of the acceptable styles to wear in the show arena, I’m going to be a full fledged tweed backer from now on!


And to me all the beautiful color variations of tweed just make more sense then a stark solid navy coat. When my friend asked me how you can tell the difference between a jumper and a hunter class, I told her to look at the aesthetics of the jumps. While the jumper courses are bright, flashy, borderline distracting, the hunter fences are meant to be more rustic, as if naturally blending into a rolling countryside. And to me that is why tweed is such a better fit as its colors are a complimentary blend of natural shades of brown, gray, and green.


These coats are from an English line of custom jackets which LA Saddlery has been researching to possibly purchase for the store.


But most companies such as Grand Prix and Marigold have access to tweed fabrics and all it takes is for you to step outside of your navy box and into a world full of color, texture, and good old fashion style!

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