Shopping for Your Shape: Curvy eqgirls…

It’s taken me a few days to get back in the swing of things after my month at the beach.  I was so thrilled to finally get home to my husband, friends, and my two puppies…until I woke up the next morning and realized there was no food in the house, heaps of laundry, and special presents left for me to clean up from my cat and black lab.  Not to mention a stack of work on my desk. Needless to say it wasn’t exactly the welcome home I had envisioned!

So after taking caring of the above mentioned chores, I decided to treat myself to a movie night with a girlfriend. Since there was no teen angst vampire flicks out, we settled for Magic Mike.  My initial thought was great, finally a movie that objectifies men over women! As a side bonus I was hopeful the chiseled men with moves like Jagger would give our everyday guys just a hint of the insecurity we feel when we see the cover of Maxim magazine’s latest “it girl” scantily clad and photoshopped to the nines, mockingly looking up at us from our coffee table.

It happens that I was photoshopped once… and I have to admit it was pretty damn awesome! But the reality is we should feel good about what we look like all the time, whether it’s in the dressing room trying on riding breeches, or in the over priced photos we paid for at the horse show. Because damn it we want to post those pics on facebook for everyone to say how fabulous we look!

Ok…so how do we look fabulous in our riding outfit without technology to erase a little lump here or a minor (or not so minor) bulge there? In other words…how do we look like this…

Photograph by Irina Malik…who incidently took my eqgirl cover shot…check her out at

Well to start, choosing riding apparel that actually fits is the first step. I know this sounds like common sense, but I don’t know how many customers I have styled that came in wearing riding clothes that were either two sizes too big or one size too small.  I have mentioned this before but I really hate a saggy bottom! I also don’t like when women wear oversized t-shirts to the barn. Shirts should be well fitted and tucked in so that your trainer can see your posture.  

If you are like me and are curvy…meaning you got the ladies to deal with and a little junk in the trunk, but a relatively smaller waist, shopping for any clothes can be daunting.  The best bet in a riding breech is a style that is either lower in the front and higher in the back, or a true mid-rise breech. A lot of the low-waisted breeches end up too big for us in the waist and our behinds are constantly trying to pull them off, leaving a nice gap in the back! But even if you find a pair that fits you well, you might still have to invest in a nice belt, preferably a wider one.


If you are always unhappy with how your bottom looks in most breeches here are a few tricks to make you look smaller from behind. A euro seat pattern (shown above), contrasting seat color, microfiber fabric, or strategically placed back pockets will all give the illusion that your butt is higher and tighter. 

Some of these styles are a little bit more expensive, but I guarantee you will look and feel better when you get dressed for the barn. Oh and your significant other will think so too, believe me they enjoy seeing us in our riding apparel!


Also get yourself a high quality compression bra.  I love the Pure Lime bras, but I know many women who swear by the Enell brand as well.

If you are like me and are still self-conscious of your chest in the saddle, then buy a form-flattering vest, which is a great way to hide a little unwanted bounce and in the colder months keeps you insulated without impeding your movement. 


When you are looking to buy show clothes, definitely go with ones that have some stretch.  A boxy show shirt will just make us bigger breasted ladies look big everywhere.

So choosing a stretchy shirt will allow more room for the girls but still hug your waistline and back, showing off your shape.

There are great shirts now that have stretchy side panels, subtle vertical stripes, and contoured waists, all accentuating our curves instead of making us look larger everywhere.


The same goes for a coat, the stretch fabric coats are much more flattering and obviously don’t inhibit movement when we are riding. 

I prefer a thicker lined stretch coat because it lays a bit nicer on the body, and doesn’t show any back or waist bulges like an unlined coat would.


If you are tall and skinny…Well then I hate you. Haha! Just kidding! I will go over this “predicament” in addition to other shaped issues in later blogs. 

But a good way for all ladies to stay fit, in and out of the saddle, is to make some time for hiking and Pilates. The Pilates will strengthen your core, increase flexibility and coordination, and alleviate most back issues we often suffer from as avid equestrians. And the hiking will not only build up your cardiovascular endurance it will keep your legs and butt nice and tight! If you live close to LA Saddlery then I recommend Fryman Canyon for a nice hike, bonus is you get to pass by Clooney’s house! I also love Studio City Pilates…a lot of equestrians already frequent this personable little studio. The instructors are awesome and the prices are extremely reasonable!  


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  1. Elisandra
    Aug 06, 2012 @ 17:05:51

    this blog is great. keep it up, hugs.


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