Best Day Ever at LA Saddlery!

Ok I am soooo excited right now! And it’s not just because I got to counsel my favorite customer’s son today on college admissions and essays, which was ridiculously fun, and made me miss my old life a bit. Oh and I had a much needed massage today too, also extremely enjoyable but still not why I am still grinning with glee!

In fact there were three very exciting things that have happened at LA Saddlery in the last two days leading up to this current state of elation…

First, one of our very fabulous customers, the Queen of glam and vintage fashion, Dita Von Teese came in to pick up her two pairs of beautiful custom Tucci boots, and she gave me permission to write about her in an upcoming eqgirl blog!

Incidently this picture was taken outside of our store awhile back by Paparazzi that must have been following her. Gotta love that blue dress! For now, I am just waiting for her to send me some pictures with her in the new boots, so stay tuned as that blog will be coming shortly!

Second, we had a lovely customer from the Bay area come in with her daughters to buy some essentials and a few goodies as well. I was busying myself at the counter while one of my extremely competent and attentive sales girls was assisting them (I am very proud of my LA Saddlery girls…mostly because they put up with me and my anal retentive tendencies!) Anyway, I couldn’t help overhearing the customer say she worked or had worked for Dover Saddlery, and that it is so refreshing to shop at a store with knowledgeable staff! My response was “AMEN to that!!!” She went on to explain that she ends up returning almost 90% of what she buys online. Which confirms what I have been saying all along, there is just no substitution for shopping local! Especially when you are buying specialty items such as tall boots or helmets. I feel bad for customers who don’t have a local tack shop to go to, or their tack shop is too conservative in their buying and doesn’t offer a wider variety of apparel options…which brings up my final and most exciting thing that happened today…

Miss Candace Bushnell came back to shop at LA Saddlery! And luckily, thanks again to one of my loyal and wonderful sales girls who quickly came into my office to tell me the good news, I was there to meet her this time! Mental note to self “praise LA Saddlery girls more often…”

Miss Bushnell was extremely gracious enough to let me take this picture with her…I was very close to asking permission to style her up and do a full fledge photo shoot, but I didn’t want to scare her off! Plus she has exceptional taste, and really doesn’t need any fashion advice from me.

If you are a woman, and do not know who Candace Bushnell is…then shame on you! Here is a little clue…

My entire twenties revolved around “Sex and the City.” I even had three girlfriends who totally fit the bill for Carrie, Samantha, and Miranda. I of course was Charlotte, always the romantic idealist, a little more conservative on the outside but secrelty wild at heart. As I got older I became more like Carrie…meaning, and excuse my French, I got more and more fucked up! One of my favorite episodes is “Ex and the City” where Carrie explains her theory about curly haired girls vs. straight haired girls. I have naturally crazy wavy hair, so I totally get this!

In this one scene Carrie is referring to the movie “The Way We Were…”

Robert Redford is madly in love with Barbara Streisand.

-Katie. -K-k-k-katie.

K-k-k-katie, right!

But he can’t be with her because she’s too complicated…and she has wild, curly hair.

Hello? C-c-c-curly.

He leaves her and marries this…simple girl with straight hair.

Ladies, I am having an epiphany.

The world is made of two types of women:

The ”simple” girls and the ”Katie” girls.

I’m a ”Katie” girl and where are our drinks?

At the end of the episode she says…

“Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free ‘til they find someone just as wild to run with them.”

And it’s this idea, this feeling that I wish more of my customers would embrace! Let their curly-girl selves out a bit more often and wear something at the barn that shakes things up a bit, makes a statement!

That’s why I love that Candace Bushnell bought that beautiful vibrant blue coat I mentioned in a previous blog. And she’s a dressage rider! We were just so meant to be best friends…

But the best part of the whole experience was that she told me LA Saddlery was her number one tack shop destination because unlike the majority of tack shops she has frequented, we have the best selection of quality riding apparel and of course all of the fun options as well! She’s from the East Coast, where there are a plethora of tack shops to choose from so it is even more complimentary to LA Saddlery and our out-of-the-box style buying, that the woman who is responsible for creating the most fashionable TV series ever, loves our store the best! Haha, eat that Dover Saddlery!

I know I sound like a giddy teenager…and that’s because I am!

So the big question is what did she buy this time? Well my favorite purchase she made was a black Animo Lou coat…or as it has been dubbed by my Assistant Manager “the Vegas coat.” I think it’s another bold statement for the Dressage arena without being too over the top. And she will style it with a classy show shirt and sleek breeches, so I have no doubt she will be the envy of all the Dressage Divas at her next show.

The coat also looks fantastic in this color as well!

She also loves Goode Rider breeches, and who can blame her, those ladies know fashion and how to put together a perfectly styled collection of quality riding apparel.

She opted for the full seat Pro Riders in navy, as well as the white ones, which she plans to use for schooling breeches. Did I mention I love her! White breeches at the barn for everyday riding…yes we were definitely destined to be great friends!

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