It’s not just about the socks…

A few years ago at the American Equestrian Trade Show I somehow managed to buy over $2000 in socks for LA Saddlery! Basically every vendor had socks to go with their collection of apparel, and they were all just so darn cute I couldn’t help myself. The girls at my store always laugh at me too because every few days I will pass our sock display and say “wow I need to order more again!” Particularly with the Sox Trot brand which we sell thousands of every year!!!


I myself have three drawers full of socks that are dispersed around my house…my personal favorites are Dansko and Gersemi socks!



But when it comes to socks I usually don’t discriminate…and the more fun colored and patterned ones the better!


So where does this crazy obsession with socks come from exactly!? Well don’t ask this question to my mom or sister because they will simply roll their eyes and say in a dramatic exasperated tone “Oi vay! Renee and The socks!”


Not to totally bore you with the details of my dysfunctional childhood…here’s the abbreviated version.

I have already mentioned I was a very shy girl growing up. I also went to a very small private school that had a strict uniform, in which the girls had to wear grey or light blue pleated skirts. Of course we all had the skirts hemmed or rolled up as short as we could get away with! Since our legs were the only thing we could show off, the socks had to be the perfect length and thickness to get just the right scrunch to make your legs look long and shapely. This is what teenage girls with insecurities think about on a daily basis!

Anyway…I had finally found the perfect white socks, and had just enough pairs for each school day. So when I would go to get dressed on Monday morning and open my coveted sock drawer to find it void of my perfect white scrunchie socks, I would literally have a full blown panic attack and cry bloody murder at the culprit…my older sister of course!

After many years of psycho therapy I finally discovered my early morning break downs had nothing to do with socks and everything to do with feeling like I had no control over my life. But even though I have made amends with that period in my life, to this day I have hoarded socks!


And it’s not such a bad addiction! Especially since I am a barn girl to the core, it is still imperative that I have comfy socks for my boots that aren’t too thick, have padding on the ball and heel, and look cute if I am just in my breeches and clogs.


Or if you prefer breeches with stiletto’s!


Whatever your preference of footwear, I encourage you to have a little fun when you dress your feet! And please don’t tell me that any of these socks are not acceptable for the hunter arena!


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