Don’t Push My Buttons!

I almost made it through the entire opening ceremonies last night…I think I dosed off somewhere between Italy and Peru! But I managed to keep my eyes open to see the infamous USA Olympic outfits (will get to those in a minute) First I was thrilled to see two Equestrian flag bearers in the parade!

Rodrigo Pessoa representing Brazil.


And Sweden’s Rolf-Goran Bengtsson.


I also loved the vibrant colors both of these countries displayed in their Olympic attire. It was leaps and bounds better that the snoozefest the US Team had on…our colors are not red, white, and dark navy people! They are red, white, and BLUE!!! I didn’t realize Ralph Lauren was taking bribes from uptight Hunter trainers when he came up with this uninspired and bland ensemble…


I mean let’s set aside any feelings about where they were made and talk about why they are so darn boring! For a country that prides itself on our individuality and freedom to express ourselves we should have been in beautiful bright reds and blues instead of all looking like the professor on Giligan’s Island.

Hats off to Germany who came out with a bang in their sporty and cheerful outfits! I love their tagline “Born to Walk Wild!”


That should have been us…alas I cannot say I am surprised after I had yet another trainer forbid a young rider from wearing this simple navy Animo coat in the hunter arena…because of the buttons.


I had a leisurely breakfast this morning at the lovely Sonoma Show Park, and watched a hunter equitation flat class. I was admiring the ladies positions, the horses frame, gait and general attitude, and it was me, so I was checking out the one pretty pink shirt, the girl with the subtle piping on her coat, and the helmets that looked a bit too big! But not once did I look at the riders buttons. I guess if they had been neon pink or flashing buttons then yes I could see how that would be distracting. But really this button from several feet away is what makes you say “no way that is unacceptable.”?????


Really? I mean really!? I need to drown my sorrows in more wine tonight!

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