Jeans Addiction

I currently have what I’m calling iPhone neck. I can barely move my head side to side as every neck muscle is constricted from endless hours of me looking at or working on my iPhone here at the show! I have also had my head bent over the plethora of fashion and gossip magazines I purchased.

I love thumbing through the model and actress clad pages to see how the lure and romance of the equestrian lifestyle still manages to infiltrate mainstream fashion.


These days it seems the rustic country western girl in her worn-in tight jeans is quite popular.


Models are dressed in head to toe denim and of course flaunting that pouty “don’t mess with a girl on a horse” kinda vibe.


I am definitely a jeans girl myself, mostly Lucky Brand. I have so many kinds of them and know the line so well the Manager once asked me if I wanted a job when I was in there outfitting a friend! Every time I go in she says the offer still stands…despite the fact that I own a business and work almost everyday, that employee discount does get quite tempting! But I digress…


Slap a pair of full length leather chaps on this model and this is what every rider wore at my barn in the 90’s. I envied the jumpers in their totally bitchin fringe chaps!

Today the full chaps over your Levi’s has been replaced with fitted half chaps or tall boots over the ever popular jean riding breech.


Goode Rider hands down brought the jean breech to life with a softer stretchy denim, wide waist band, and designer pockets.


And now almost every line has their own version of this timeless look…


Animo’s fun and playful jean breech this spring had pretty lace on the front and back pockets.



But jean breeches are not just for jumpers anymore! A lot of brands carry awesome full seat styles for us Dressage ladies!


Kentucky, USG, and Pikeur are some of my personal favorites.


And you don’t always need to go for the low rider jeans. Get more of a classic look and fit with the higher waisted Candella Jean breech…


Whatever your preference or style choice when it comes to jean breeches, my recommendation is to pair them with a crisp button down shirt or flitted polo and chunky leather belt…and for goodness sake tuck that shirt in!!!


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