Fall into something new…

Ok…yes when I left the house today my car said it was 103 degrees outside…but I am not going to let that stop me from dreaming about the upcoming fall season of fantastic sportswear! 

In fact all of the Equestrian brands tend to have stronger fall lines than Spring ones.  And I think right about now everyone is sick of having to worry about their bikini bodies and are longing for a day when they can throw a sweater on with some fabulous knee-high boots and fluffy  scarf, essentially hiding a few unwanted pounds underneath a layer of beautiful knits, fur, and tweeds!

You will be seeing a lot of stunning fall wear here at eqgirl because fall is my absolute favorite time of year and I have an unhealthy obsession with long sweaters and jackets, tall boots, and of course scarves.  My husband’s side of the closet looks as if it’s about to be  swallowed up by a gigantic wool and cashmere monster!  But in my defense I wear those suckers everywhere, until the fabric is pilled and frayed at the seams, forcing me to buy a new and fabulous one to replace it.

In fact I was just showing my LA Saddlery girls one of my favorite clothing stores in Venice, while I was writing this blog : ) and happened to see this fantastic sweater for sale on their website!

So with their encouragement I bought it! I also have a pair of these adorable faux riding pants..which are actually leggings and ridiculously comfortable!  Check them out at http://nightcapclothing.com/

But I am of course very loyal to my equestrian brands. I have a plethora of Goode Rider, Barbour, Gersemi, Ariat, and Pikeur fall sportswear, including stylin rain coats, fur collared jackets, comfy zip ups, puffy vests, and my favorite, long belted sweaters. 

This year I will be adding PK Sportswear to my collection!

This colorful fashion brand is new to the US market and has been launched with great success in California since Fall 2011.

The PK International collections are created by equestrians and fashion designers in the Netherlands.

They are made of high quality luxury colorful fabrics and created to be worn on and off the horse.

The collections change every season with different colors and styles so you will stand out where ever you go.

PK International was chosen as the sponsor of the Royal Dutch Equestrian Association (KNHS) to design a riders collection for the Dutch Dressage Team at the Olympic Games 2012 in London.

FAB Sportswear, the exclusive distributor for PK International, is based in Northern California and is run by two of the nicest, fun-loving ladies I have met in a long time! I had the privilege of spending an afternoon with one of these lovely ladies while I was visiting Sonoma, and let me tell you there will be more fantastic things to come from PK and FAB Sportswear!

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