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When LA Saddlery was born in February 2008 one of my top priorities was to hire and thoroughly train a great team of equestrian ladies to help us build solid relationships with our customers.  I also wanted to make sure that they were given a variety of opportunities to succeed, be rewarded for their accomplishments, and have ample benefits, including healthcare.  It took awhile to get the formula right…after all this industry does attract an exorbitantly high number of crazy women!  But after five years LA Saddlery has a strong, loyal, and fun group of ladies, all of whom have told me they love coming to work everyday.  Having grown up with a somewhat nonexistent family, these girls have become family to me, and even though some of them may be older, I feel like they are all my children and need looking after!  Especially when it comes to how they dress…after all we are promoting equestrian fashion at its best, and thus they should all dress accordingly!   

Luckily they have embraced our buying choices, and because they are all horse women and budding fashionistas, they truly love the apparel options available to equestrians.   You can walk into LA Saddlery on any day of the week and catch these lovely ladies wearing a LA Saddlery inspired ensemble of sorts…here are their top three  favorite things.

Number 1: Ariat Jeans!  

These jeans look fabulous on all of them, even though they each have very distinct body types. Ariat has a wide range of styles and cuts, and can satisfy the more edgy style of our Assistant Manager Angie, or the more clean-cut and preppy look our little Laurel loves.  

#2 Goode Rider button down shirts…

Now almost every one of us has at least one if not several of these fantastic shirts…so the challenge is to make sure we don’t all wear the same ones to work! 

Luckily every season Goode Rider changes up the look and style of these shirts, so we can constantly reinvent our look knowing that we are going to get the same quality and fit that got us hooked on them in the first place!

#3 Dansko Shoes…If you don’t have a pair of these you are missing out!  

Like Ariat Jeans, Dansko has such a variety of options that you are bound to find something to suit your personality. Plus they are ridiculously comfortable!  And with the right outfit they can be quite fashionably fabulous.

Come on…even Heidi Klum, the ultimate fashion Diva, loves her Dansko clogs!

I have so many pairs that at this point my husband suspects they are mating like rabbits in our closet! 

I actually have four pairs of these boots…and now am considering getting a couple more because they stopped making them! Nooooo!!! I am wearing these beautiful burgundy ones in my eqgirl photo…

 I mean look how awesome they are in this color too!!

At some point, me saying over and over and over again that equestrian apparel is in fact wearable in our everyday lives will start to sink in. Again I think that sometimes people need to see words in action to really grasp a concept…so over the course of the last several months I have forcefully taken pictures of my poor little Corinne at work because she always mixes it up and puts her personal fashion style into each equestrian inspired outfit.  I also love to dress her up like she’s my own personal Barbie doll : )  

Here she is looking sophisticated and sexy in a Cheval show shirt, dark blue jeans, and some pretty stylin Ariat cowboy boots.

I love this rocked out ensemble, wearing the same boots, this time over a pair of bedazzled Animo breeches! 

This is a perfect example of an everyday girl going to work with simple jeans and tennies, and a fitted and flattering Le Fash show shirt.  I accessorized her with this awesome leather bag by Dubarry. 

This to me is just a purely fun and sporty youthful look. Her PK Sportswear flashy purple zip up goes perfect with her adorable purple tennies.

Ok this is one that she let me dress her up like Snow Bunny Barbie! We just got our Ariat fall apparel shipment in, so I wanted to show off this easy to wear horse print shirt and furry plaid vest…did I mention I love furry collars?  I also have her in Dubarry again, this time the short Kildare waterproof, and practically bomb proof boots that every self-respecting barn girl should own!

Finally I wanted to dress her up like a mini-me…so I put her into these new Courderoy breeches by Horze, this stunning Barbour jacket, and of course my signature Dankso boots! 

I would love for you to come in and let me dress you up…so if you are ready to be styled head to toe give me a call at LA Saddlery and we can set up an appointment. If you let me pick out your whole look I will be give you our employee discount!!! Because everybody should look as good as my LA Saddlery ladies! 

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Carrie Mc W
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 00:49:31

    Fun options!


  2. mary ann engel
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 02:40:44

    Love it all! gona ask hubby for a b day outfit!


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