An Afternoon with ANIMO!

I am currently on a flight from Denver to Los Angeles. Let me tell you now..I hate planes. I hate flying. Every noise, every turn, every jerk, bump, dip sends my stomach to the disgusting faded 1970’s airplane carpet! If there is severe turbulence my little white knuckles will be clenching the armrests, or the person next me, whether I know them or not! 

The problem is I love to travel and because of my work I usually have to travel several times a year, which in this case meant a trip to Denver to meet with Armando who is the US distributor for a little known brand named Animo that I just happened to be madly in love with. And the things we do for love!

In 2010 Horse Connection Magazine rocked our equestrian world with a fearless and flashy, head spinning Animo fashion spread.

I couldn’t help revisiting the dynamic pages that were screaming with color, hearts, and  sparkles that were decorating the beautiful tight Italian butts!

That vibrant Blue Animo color had me wanting to see more and I knew this company was either going to hit big or hit bottom.  

Seeing the line in person solidified my stance that the former was going to be the case. I loved that the line was so incredibly different from anything we had seen and wanted LA Saddlery to be the front-runner in exposing the equestrian community to this over the top glamorized, stylish, and most innovative line to hit the US.

Because honestly Animo is the epitome of function and fashion working in harmony. The fabrics are phenomenal, the designs are fun, feminine, and flattering, and the grippy breeches are truly the best thing…like ever! I don’t know what it is about these clothes but they make me want to talk like a valley girl…

And LA Saddlery was the only west coasters brazen enough to buy into the entire line…even the crazy $600+ special edition breeches, the Italian rep actually advised us against. But we are in fact honey badgers, and we do what we like! And when you are buying into madness you have to be 100% committed.

Well our crazy fashion instincts paid off making Animo one of our top-selling brands four seasons in a row. So who’s crazy now! Ok we are. But the good kind of crazy. And the crazy is contagious…Animo mania has even infected the Dressage Divas. In fact its affects are so strong many hunters have caught the bug…and bad!!!

Today we spent 6 hours going over the Spring 2013 collection. Yes it’s that large!
Here is just a sneak peek to get your Animo fix on…

FYI: Had to delete pictures per Italy…they are top secret!  🙂

Armando’s showroom…what I wish my closet looked like!


A table full of fun breeches!

The most fabulously chic red neck breeches!!! I loved loved loved these..Tabitha not so much. But they will be coming : )

The cutest kids breeches I have ever seen! They literally made my uterus do a back spin!

Lots and lots of fun shirts!

Tabitha’s Favorite one…

and my favorite…

Adorable sweaters…

And of course the coats…

This one was our favorite. The fabric looks like a beautiful herringbone wool..but it is of course stretchy and fabulous! And love the new details on it!

They even did a “hunter friendly” coat with guess what….BUTTONS!!!!!  And plain ones at that!

Don’t worry it still has classic Animo style…

And it wouldn’t be Animo without hot pink, crystals, flowers, bling,  flash….and snake skin!


Good news you won’t have to wait till 2013 to see this incredible line. We have great deals at www.lasaddlery and in our store on 2012 Spring and our Fall 2012 is due in next week!!!

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