Bridle & Bridal

September 29th, 2007, Michael Lydon Connolly, against all better judgement and reasonable sanity, decided to marry me in Ojai, California.  

In a couple of weeks we will be celebrating our fifth year of marriage, and our tenth year as a couple.   And despite some ups and downs…and one pretty big landslide, we make a great team, and I can honestly say without a doubt that my wedding day was one of the happiest days of my life.

 In fact the 365 days of planning that wedding were also pretty damn good! In my next life I definitely want to come back as a wedding planner…I am obsessed with wedding stuff, from the flowers, to the place settings, and I would literally wear a wedding dress everyday if I could!  Plus I love to plan things, and any job that has the word “planner” in the title would suit me just fine!   

Two of my close friends will be planning their wedding this year, and one of them like me is a bona fide eqgirl! So I really wanted to dedicate a blog to them, and incorporate the two things I love most in this world…horses and weddings!  

I mean with the state of unrest in the world, this hideous election, the negativity that is running around like a rabid dog, the only thing that keeps me sane is focusing on fun and positive moments to come and looking at pretty girly things, especially beautiful dresses!

So for every horse loving woman out there who is in the process of planning their wedding, or for all those girls like me who just love sparkles and sunshine, here are some awesome equestrian inspired ideas to bring the bridle into your bridal!

Step one: The Invitations…

I love the simplicity and elegance of this invitation, it’s also very english and proper!  

But if you want to go with something a little more literal, I love the idea of using black and white photographs of horses like this one below. 

If you are more of a country girl, this one is a bit more personal and homey. I really like invitations that look almost handmade and crafty, you can almost feel the love on the paper!

Step Two:  The table settings…

This adorable centerpiece is not only playful and charming, it has a very organic feel to it.  I imagine the food would be light and the conversation joyful at this wedding!

LOVE!  This is probably one of the coolest and chic ways to use an equestrian detail in your table decor.  

This is such a fantastic and dynamically different place card.  Again its playful and sweet and if there are kids at the wedding a great way to keep them entertained!

This Hermes inspired place card table has the WOW factor!  The vibrant and rich orange is the perfect contrast to the rustic horseshoes.  And again another little great token your guests can take home and hang over their doors for good luck!

Step Three: The Cake…

They say the cake should be the centerpiece of your wedding decor, and I couldn’t agree more! Woop that rhymed! Just the thought of all that sugar gets me amped up…

Sometimes less is more when designing your wedding cake. I love the sole horse toppers in each of these two cakes. And while each cake is simple in its appearance they portray two very different perspectives.  

Step four: The Details…

Like in any marriage, it’s the little things that add up and count the most. The same is true for your wedding!  I firmly believe you don’t have to break the bank and throw an over the top lavish wedding to celebrate your union.  I prefer weddings that are personal and poignant, where couples write their own vows and put their own style and personality into the wedding decor.  

Take these lovely little flats. They tell me something about the bride, what her tastes are, and where her passions lie.  And they will make for a precious keepsake and a little reminder of her beautiful wedding day.

This is by far my favorite image I discovered when researching equestrian inspired weddings. Just looking at this photo I feel like I know this couple!  They clearly have a relaxed way of looking at life and “a bit” of a sense of humor.  Yeah, I definitely would hang out with these two!

Step Five…Wait for it…


Whatever your current wedding dress budget is, I am telling you right now its too low! This is the one day in your life you will get to be the princess, the star, the most looked at woman in the room. Your man will be anticipating this moment the entire time leading up to your grand entrance, and everyone will be dying to see how radiant you look.  DO NOT SKIMP OUT ON YOUR WEDDING DRESS!!!  Seriously ladies its only money…and unless you are planning on several marriages, you can’t go back in time and redo your look.  And the only thing that looks better than you in your wedding dress, is you in your wedding dress next to a beautiful horse!

Which brings me to the second most important thing not to skimp on…your photographer!  Again you can’t go back in time and re-shoot your wedding if the photos don’t come out how you imagined.  Make sure you find someone who understands who you are as a couple and will take special care to really capture your personalities on this important day.

Each one of these pictures and dresses tells a different story…

So when choosing your dress…

When thinking about the feel of your wedding...

When deciding on the colors and details…

When choosing your photographer…

Make sure that in the end you tell your story…

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