Why ponies are better than boys…

Horses and riding played a significant part in my emotional development.  In fact if my trainer hadn’t passed away when I was 15 I may have continued to pursue my dream of going to the Olympics.  Even though I continued to ride for the next couple of years, my spirit had been somewhat broken by her absence, and I traded in ponies for adolescent boys…which I must say was a big downgrade! For me my pony was the only boy I needed in my life, and I would probably have had much healthier relationships through out my twenties if I had kept riding. Unfortunately on my equine hiatus I engaged in many dysfunctional relationships with men and when I finally got back into riding and bought another horse, I chose a ridiculously handsome and fit, but completely stubborn, hard-headed, selfish, and totally emotionally unavailable Trakehner!  My choices in men somehow spilled over into my inability to choose a suitable horse.

Now I always tell parents that shop with me that riding is a sure-fire way to keep their little girls in line, as it gives them discipline, confidence, and even though it can be expensive it still may end up being cheaper than years of therapy…or worse rehab!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of outfitting four young ladies for a marketing campaign. I knew the girls were going to be younger, I figured 18 to 22 years old…and when they showed up all tall, curvy, and beautiful, I was absolutely shocked to find out they were only 14 and 15 year olds! WHAT!  Yeah they need to stay hidden in the barn for at least 4-5 more years!

But I had a great time dressing them up, each representing a different aspect of the Equestrian lifestyle.

First we have the lovely Lindsey who had been styled by LA Saddlery awhile back in head to toe Animo.  To me this is a perfect example of a refined but modern show look that can be easily worn in a jumper or hunter class.  She is polished, perfectly tailored, and guess what…is in tan, white and navy! But somehow she makes this color palette pop!

Next we have the adorable Danielle dressed in my take of what a true hunter girl should like!  She is wearing a soft white and light blue striped Le Fash shirt under a gorgeous brown plaid Grand Prix coat with a pop of dark tan and orange on the collar to brighten up her face. The natural and organic hues of the brown as well as the subtly of the collar details are a perfect match for her beautiful blond locks and light complexion.

This next one ended up being my personal favorite.  Emily is our everyday rider, but could easily wear this ensemble in one of her  jumper classes as well. The jumpers as you know have much less stringent rules regarding apparel in the show arena.  The navy, french blue, and white really contrast well together and look sharp with her stunning chocolate hair and olive skin.  The tuxedo top is from Cavalleria Toscana, the breeches are B//Vertigo, and the boots are Guarnieri.  All in all she looks spectacular!

Finally we have Willow…this one was a firecracker!  She was our lifestyle model and so I wanted her to look like she would be at home in the barn or hanging out with her friends.  Because you know I have an addiction to white breeches, I had to put her in Cavallo. And since the whole “plaid incident” I  also am quite attached to the Le Fash shirts, and wanted to show how incredible they look without a coat.  She has my favorite martingale belt over it and is sporting the GPA Lady fashion boots.  She pretty much owns this whole look despite her very young age!

If I could go back in time when I was these girls age, I would have a little sit down with myself and explain that while boys can be quite dreamy and very exciting they will rarely give you the same sense of security, confidence, and unconditional love that a pony can provide to a budding young woman.  Build a healthy relationship with your pony first and when you have successfully created a strong bond and established mutual trust and understanding with him, then you can move onto boys…well preferably men, though they may be near extinction at this point!

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