It’s personal to me…

I recently watched You’ve Got Mail…and while I wasn’t in love with the movie when it first came out, I really enjoyed it this time around, mostly because I now totally get Meg Ryan’s character.  Not only is she a die-hard Pride & Prejudice fan (I myself have read it about 5 times!) but she’s a small business owner trying to fight her odds against the big conglomerate super stores.  My favorite moment is when she’s talking about how everyone says “it’s not personal. It’s business.” And her reply is “well it was personal to me.” And of course it is! I feel the exact same way about our little business, because it’s the personal relationships you develop that make it worth getting up every day to do it all over again.  Well that and the shopping!

Despite my need to throw stuff away in my house because I can’t stand piles of junk lying around with the sole purpose of collecting dust, I am actually quite a sentimental person.  I have a very hard time letting go of things, particularly memories both good and bad, and also people, again both good and bad!  Last Saturday I had an urge to visit my childhood home in Lake Encino…yes I am a bona fide valley girl to the core!  As I was driving up the hill to my old neighborhood the lump in my throat was threatening to explode, and as I passed my best friends house, just a block away from mine, there was no holding back the waterfall of memories, feelings, and heartaches that I continue to relive and even reenact in my current relationships.

I sat in front of my old house for about twenty minutes, remembering the explosive family fights, the teenage angst and worse the lonely silences, but even more importantly I thought of my best girlfriends, late night giggling, Christmas mornings with presents overflowing into the next room, first kisses, and of course first loves.  All of the personal moments, personal relationships, personal hardships, that shaped the person I am today.  The sentimental, obsessive compulsive, controlling, unconditional loving, navy coat hating, shopping fiend, that you have gotten to know here at eqgirl!

Now because I am sentimental, I get attached to every piece of clothing we buy for LA Saddlery, and it literally tears at my soul to have to put these beautiful items on a sale rack, blemishing their pretty white tags with red slashes! But sales are such an important part of the fashion industry because they let consumers try out fantastic brands and styles that they usually turn down because of price point. But I know in my heart that each pair of Pikeur breeches, each Animo coat, each Joules polo shirt, will all go to good and loving homes, and when my customer comes into LA Saddlery looking her absolute best, I will be proud to have been a small part of her fabulousness!

LA Saddlery is having one of our biggest sidewalk sales this weekend, and I wanted to give all of the shoppers out there some tips on finding the best deals on Equestrian Fashion.  I have attached some pictures of the tantalizing sales racks currently at LA Saddlery to set the mood!

First, never buy something that doesn’t look that good just because it’s on sale!  If it just sits in your closet with the tags on it then it wasn’t worth the $100 you saved.  I see a lot of customers choose an item that is 50% off over an item that is 30% off simply because they perceive it as being a  better deal. It’s only a better deal if the more discounted item will get you more wears and good stares!

Second, on the other hand don’t pass up a great deal because at that moment you really don’t need a new hunt coat, show shirt, or pair of breeches.  Do we really ever need new clothes? Probably not…but sometimes in life doing what we want is much more satisfying and life affirming than doing things that we need.  It’s really ok to indulge in yourself every now and then, and because you are also saving money there should be absolutely no guilt attached to a “treat yourself” purchase!

On a third note, sales are also a great time to buy an out of the ordinary purchase. Or rather don’t walk into a sale and buy yet another navy hunt coat, white show shirt, or a plain saddle pad! How about a fun pair of fashion breeches for schooling, a cute pair of wellies to walk the dogs, or even better an awesome sweater or jacket that you can wear out to dinner!

Like this fabulous Pikeur knit with removable furry collar…

Or this versatile Barbour jacket that can be worn all year round…and if you are like me who doesn’t really have the energy to go out passed 8pm, it can still be worn to the barn!

Finally and most importantly don’t think that just because something is on sale there must be something wrong with it! Maybe the store owners are simply feeling extremely generous when they put Animo at an unheard of 40% off…or perhaps they are just that stupid!  Either way take advantage now before they come to their senses!!!

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