Riding in the Rain

Ok I have been über busy these past few weeks.  Not only did I have an unhealthy obsession with the election, I also have been moonlighting as a college counselor, working on putting in a new computer system at work and designing our new mobile unit!  Which I have to say I am very excited about since  LA Saddlery will be going to HITS for the first time next year, as well as returning to the Oaks, Sonoma, and Sacramento to name a few.  As much as I was ambivalent about being on the road, and suffered bouts of loneliness, I also met some great people, and really made a niche for myself on the show circuit.  Next year we will be traveling with Animo, Tucci, PK Sportswear, and our new line Winston Equestrian.  Basically we are going to be fabulous fashion on wheels!  And I will have air-conditioning and a couch!!! Needless to say I will be thoroughly spoiled in 2013.

And instead of downsizing, laying off employees, and whining about health care, LA Saddlery (who has provided our employees with full heath care benefits for years) will be moving forward, redoing our website, and broadening our customer base with the hopes of bringing new life to small business as well as becoming a job creator!   Oh yes and making everyone look fabulous in the process.

But what’s even more important right now is it’s finally  cold and wet in Southern California! However when it comes to being at the barn, or god forbid riding when it’s raining, we are all a bunch of babies.  I like to think it’s because we haven’t found the perfect rainy day outfit for the barn…until now of course!

Asmar Equestrian is relativity new to the Equestrian market, however it has already become a favorite boutique line among riders for both its technological advanced fabrics and chic design details. 

Their award-winning All Weather Riding Jacket is truly a must have for your fall wardrobe!  I am so in love with this coat, not only because it looks so damn good  on everyone, but because  it looks so damn cool when you are in the saddle! 

It has a sort of royal feel to it.  And who doesn’t want to look like a princess!

If you want something a bit more sporty, then check out their hunter jacket.

It’s made with the same fabric and like the longer All Weather Jacket, comes in a variety of fun colors and prints.

So if you wake up tomorrow and the raindrops are falling, don’t fret…just use it as an excuse to buy yourself a stylin new raincoat!

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