Holiday Wish List Part 1: Clothes…

So it’s that time of year when we have very sweet well-intentioned boyfriends, husbands, dads, and granddads aimlessly wandering through our store looking for the perfect holiday gift for that special eqgirl in their lives. That’s you! And if you are like me then you will probably want new clothes!

There is nothing wrong with giving the man or woman in your life some tips about all the things that caught your fancy this year but couldn’t justify spending on yourself. And this time he is doing the buying and there will be no need for you to hide that new pair of boots in the trunk of your car, or swear to him that the stunning barn jacket you have on is from like years ago and you just found it when you cleaned out the closet!

If you can’t remember all the fabulous equestrian fashion that you saw this year, don’t worry I am here to help you. So today I have chosen my top 5 pics of some of the best pieces in Equestrian Fashion this season. And don’t forget to tell Santa what size you are!!

Pic #5 Best Sweater Vest: Pikeur. This one had me at the fur collar. It kind of has an old man chic quality about it and I love it!

pikeur vest

Pic #4: Best Warm and Cozy Jacket: PK Sportswear. Makes me want to plan a trip to Aspen and sit all day by the fire with a big fat cup of hot chocolate!

pk jackett

Pic #3: Best Horsey Shirt: Joules. Normally I hate these kind of campy prints, but Joules really hit the mark on this one. It’s cut well and can be styled up with a cute scarf, leather belt and your favorite jeans.


Pic #2: Best Barn Sweatshirt: Gersemi. I buy a Gersemi zip up every year because they truly are the most comfortable and fashionable sweatshirts to wear to the barn or just out and about.

Ravi3-452x452 28688081-48b1-4bc1-9c25-3ac631c2a097

Pic #1: Best Sweater: Asmar Equestrian. If you haven’t been paying attention, cute fitted v-neck sweaters over polo’s and show shirts are definitely the in fashion trend at the barn, and lots of jumpers are wearing this look in the show arena too! This is by far my favorite look that has caught on among riders of all ages. And the Asmar sweater has been our biggest seller all year, and it’s really a no brainer as to why!


Remember all of our sportswear at LA Saddlery is 25% off so send Santa’s little helpers in to buy you some new digs! And make sure to keep checking eqgirl for more great holiday gift ideas!

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