HITS…Help I’m Too Stylish!


It’s my second week here at HITS in California with the debut of our new mobile boutique, and today I had a customer tell me that I looked too good to buy clothes from. Um…What?!?!  I have heard a lot of excuses in this line of work as to why someone won’t buy something…my trainer won’t approve, it’s not navy enough, the buttons are too shiny, but this one threw me for a loop!

I always take pride in what I wear to work, no matter how dusty the show grounds, because when you are selling Equestrian Fashion, you better be damn fashionable!  So while I may look a little dressed up in my Dankso boots, flowy tops, scarves, and funky jewelry, at least I stand out in the crowd.  And as you all know there’s nothing I love more than being different, going against the grain, and not conforming to the bland navy and white uniform.  I am a proponent of prints and plaids, embrace contrast stitching, celebrate a pop of color, commend a little bling, and yes I love pretty buttons!!!


I am thrilled with how our new mobile boutique looks, especially since I was able to fill it up with beautiful show coats that nobody has but little ole me.


If you follow LA Saddlery, you will have seen a bunch of our Winston Equestrian ads circulating around the equestrian communities.


It’s rare that I get excited about a hunt coat, especially navy ones…but this new line from Belgium had me at the elbow patches.


Light weight stretchy wool makes these coats fitted on the body and flexible in the saddle. 


They are crisp, classic, and elegant…but have a modern and sophisticated vibe.

I am going to go as far and say they have a sex appeal about them…you know in a sort of buttoned up, English country girl gone bad kind of way. 


The Exclusive Coat can be customized with contrast stitching, colored collars and piping, and your choice of buttons for all of you adventuresome ladies out there.


And yes they do bling too…but it’s done very tastefully, think Rodeo Drive bling…not Vegas Show Girl..


So the lesson here today folks is that being stylish is a good thing.  Taking pride in what you look like is a good thing.  Being an individual…good.  And come visit me at HITS so I can make you look so good no one will want to shop with you either!

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