Catching my breath

This is Henry.


I have never really been a fan of cactus plants, however last month when I arrived at HITS in Thermal I wanted something for my outside display that I wouldn’t kill in the first week. Through the heat and wind and lack of my attention, the plant did just fine, and I decided I would take it on the road with me to all of the shows this year.

When I arrived in San Juan Capistrano for the Oaks Spring Classic I pulled out the plant and for the first time admired the beauty in its simplicity, its uniqueness, and most of all its strength to withstand the elements of its changing surroundings. Not unlike myself here on crazy vendor row.

So on my way in this morning, as I was blaring Kelly Clarkson’s “Catch my Breath” my new theme song for 2013, I decided to call him Henry. He is in essence my Wilson and will hopefully keep me sane for the next 9 months while I travel up and down California. But don’t worry I haven’t started talking to him….yet.

I am always amazed at the drama that inevitably ensues amongst the vendors on the horse show circuit. The last few years have been extremely difficult for me in my personal life, and I have been trying to surround myself with only positive people. I also love working with smaller companies who value quality design, who stand behind their brand, and are loyal to their customers. So to me this petty he said she said, she stole my brands, he’s “going out of business” high school drama bull, you know what, is just nonsense.

So like Henry I am staying strong, ignoring the hot air the universe throws at me, and keeping my roots firmly planted, doing what I know and what I love, staying true to my personal style, focusing my energy on finding new brands, and keeping my customers looking fabulously stylish.

Which is why I am doubly excited about a new brand that I am picking up for LA Saddlery. This company was brought to me by an old friend, who I adore and trust, and it just happens to be pretty fantastic too. I also had the pleasure of working with the founder of Fortress of Inca, who has a great energy and a great eye for an easy everyday fashion with a touch of that bohemian glamour that is very much my style sensibility.


So as I try to find balance in my life this year, I will put on my new pair of boots


…and with every step I will just keep singing…

Alexandria Paige - Brown - 1

Catch my breath, no one can hold me back


I ain’t got time for that


Catch my breath, won’t let them get me down, it’s all so simple now


Addicted to the love I found
Heavy heart, now a weightless cloud


Making time for the ones that count


I’ll spend the rest of my time
Laughing hard with the windows down

Sienna Grace Boot - 1

Leaving footprints all over town


Keeping faith kinda comes around



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dory
    Mar 27, 2013 @ 21:52:17

    Very cool. Shared this on twitter!


  2. Heather
    Mar 27, 2013 @ 22:01:10

    Love these boots!


  3. Laurel
    Mar 28, 2013 @ 02:17:24

    Henry is very handsome and it is okay if you start talking to him!


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