June Bloom

May was an extremley trying month for me. It was the first full month I have had at home this year, but between craziness at work, sick puppies, and then a minor health issue, I did not have a chance to enjoy time with my hubby or my family.  We are also in the process of buidling our new website which is a huge undertaking if you want to do it right, which of course I do because as you all know I am an anal controlling perfectionist by nature!

But I am putting all that stress behind me now and will try very hard to stay positive and focused this summer…so no June Gloom for Renee! I am back at the Oaks in beautiful San Juan Capistrano, and the universe is on board with my sunny outlook, providing me with a crystal clear sky and cool breeze. Very unlike the near frigid temperatures I experienced last June in which I was in my Alpaca coat huddled in my sad little mobile shivering my butt off!

This summer is going to be warm and friendly and full of new and exciting equestrian fashion. I have already picked up three new lines and am in the process of planning my trip to Italy and Germany to close out my summer with what I imagine to be a shopping spree extravaganza! My husband and I will be attending SPOGA in Cologne, Germany, one of the largest sports trade shows in the world. You know I will be like a kid in a pimped out candy store and I will definitely be sharing that experience with all of my loyal eqgirl fans.

While I have finally something to look forward to in my crazy busy work schedule, I still need to stay in the moment and focus on what’s fabulous right now.


And these bright and airy shirts by Fior Da Liso are so in the now that I can’t keep them in stock!


I have found that polo’s are slowly taking a back seat to a crisp and clean long sleeve buttoned down shirt. I always find it interesting how trends change over time, and I am very happy to see the classic look and chicness of a pretty tucked in blouse come back in style. 


And these shirts simply have the pretty factor.


From the fun check prints…


to the stunning floral details…



These shirts scream June Bloom!


So many buttoned down shirts end up looking boxy and masculine on me.


But the Fior Da Liso cut is feminine in it’s form and fit and something about all those buttons just reads sexy to me!


Sweet sexy though…like Audrey Hepburn…


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Carrie Mc W
    Jun 06, 2013 @ 00:05:18

    Beautiful! Can’t wait to see them! What a great trip you have planned…


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